Making A Difference

Nova Scotians are caring people. Many volunteer on a regular basis and give financially to the charities of their choice, and when they are gone, their support is sorely missed.

Ironically though, as many as 70 per cent of Canadians have not made a Will, and studies show that only seven per cent of those who make Wills leave money to charity. It’s clear there is a deep reluctance to plan for one’s death. Through the LEAVE A LEGACY™ program, people learn that their charitable bequest is felt long after their death. While realizing tax benefits, LEAVE A LEGACY™ donors have an enormous impact on our communities. They help to preserve our proud heritage and preserve it for future generations.

Your bequest ensures that the meaning you found in your life is never lost. When you LEAVE A LEGACY™ you ensure that help continues to be there for those who need it. Your Gift is a Lasting Tribute!


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