All in the family

The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore is very fortunate to have many people in the community who are generous supporters, donors and volunteers. One New Germany family just so happens to be good at doing all three.

During any given fundraiser you may see one, if not all of the Joudrey's, lending a hand, doing what they can. Such is the case during the Foundations annual Radiothon. Emma, the eldest of the Joudrey children, has hosted a number of school fundraisers with the proceeds going to the Radiothon, as well as running pledges from the call-in room to the on-air desk for the 10-grueling hours during the Radiotion. Her brother, Alex, is a runner also and does this with as much gusto as his sister. Their mom, Lisa, hosts an-in hospital fundraiser while their dad, Avan, who is a chef by trade, donates one of his legendary, homemade cheesecakes that looks so scrumptious it has bidders fighting over it.

And that’s just one fundraiser.

"Both hospitals have helped our families throughout the years and that alone is reason to want to give back.” Lisa’s fierce dedication to the hospital is shared by all her family members. Emma, who was recently awarded the Foundations first Big Giver’s Award, is now studying nursing at Holland College in Prince Edward Island. She promises to return to the hospital during school breaks where she spends time reading and talking to patients as a hospital volunteer.

You could say that the Joudrey’s do their part for the South Shore Regional and Fishermen’s Memorial Hospitals. But they’d disagree and they wanted to do more.  Avan and Lisa's desire to have their children and the rest of the community benefit from their legacy led them to the Foundations Executive director, Arleen Stevens, to name the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore in their will.

"Life is short”, explained Lisa. "Making a will and keeping it up to date is and has been very important for us.  It puts you in control and removes any uncertainty for those left behind." Lisa explained how planning a recent family vacation led them to the decision to revisit their will. "It was then that we decided to include the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore.” she smiled.

After making the decision, Lisa and Avan sat down with both of their children and had a frank conversation around death and their wills.  “It was very emotional but also educational and gratifying at the same time. They were both proud and supportive of the legacy we’ll be leaving to the community through The Health Services Foundation."