LEAVING A LEGACY: A generous bequest

Marg McGray's final gift to help sustain health care

YHF-Marg-McGrayMargaret McGray was raised at a time when it was important to look after family and never go into debt. She took those principles seriously and personally.

“Marg was frugal and smart with her money,” Ron Love, her sister’s son, says, “but she was also extremely generous. ”So generous that, when she died last October, just before her 93rd birthday, she not only looked after her family in her will, but also left a very substantial legacy to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation.

“My aunt always appreciated the fact that a little community like Yarmouth had such a terrific facility,” Ron says, adding she wanted to help the hospital maintain that tradition with her gift.

Marg McGray spent her early life in Yarmouth, first with grandparents on the Boyd farm, which later became part of the Yarmouth Airport, and then her parents, Margaret and Stuart McGray, moved the family to a small farm on Session Hill in Dayton.

World War II took her to Halifax where she enlisted in the Canadian Army, Canadian Women’s Army Corps. Marg worked in logistics and attained the rank of sergeant. After the war she was a secretary in the engineering department at Maritime Tel & Tel.

In the early 1980s, her mother died and Marg, who never married, retired and returned to the family farm to care for her father. She stayed long after he passed away, until her own health began to fail.

Then she needed to be surrounded by family herself, and in 2006 moved to Huntsville, ON, to be close to her younger sister, Phyllis, and her family. Phyllis was a nurse who had trained at the Yarmouth Hospital and moved Ontario to work.

Yarmouth beckoned again when Phyllis passed away in 2011. Marg spent her final years in the community she loved, first at Gentle Care Seniors’ Boarding Home on Lakeside Rd. and finally at Treasured Memories Seniors Estate on Elm St.

While Marg was in and out of hospital in her final years, a cousin and his wife, Allan and Carole Thompson, took very good care of her, Ron says. “We hated to see her go. We would have liked the opportunity to be of more help to her.”

Many people remember the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation in their wills, from some surprisingly generous donations such as that made by Marg, to more modest bequests. All bequests are deeply appreciated and are a testament to a caring community.


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