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The Philanthropic Journey

The story of a philanthropic gift frequently starts with a personal experience.  We know this, because at DMRF our donors share their stories with us.  Clarence and Marjorie Anderson were married for many years and shared a loving and committed relationship until Marjorie`s death in 2015.  A lifetime of hard work and modest living allowed the Andersons to enjoy their home and gardens, dash off for weekends to their trailer in the Valley, and sail away on cruises in the winter.

But every life is not without its challenges. 

Marjorie was a cancer survivor.  Anyone who has experienced this disease understands the immense physical and emotional toll it can take.  Cancer is a life-changing experience.  While supporting charity was always a priority for the Andersons, it became that much more of a priority.  For many years, they were dedicated DMRF donors, giving $25 annually to the Molly Appeal – but their philanthropic journey didn’t stop there. Working with their advisors, they created gifts in their Will to provide for their favourite charities.  Today, these gifts are coming into fruition and DMRF is honoured to be the recipient of a $1 million pledge from Clarence and Marjorie. 

The Anderson`s gift will support leading-edge research by internationally-acclaimed researchers at the Dalhousie Medical School who are working diligently in the field which encompasses the research and development of new vaccines, antiviral drugs, and cancer-fighting viruses.  The Anderson’s gift will make a real difference to our ability to move cancer research forward and train the next generation of cancer researchers.

DMRF thanks the support of donors like Clarence and Marjorie, whose gifts to medical research will extend well beyond their lives, offering the potential of a better future to those who will face a disease the Andersons understood so deeply in life.